What is up!?

Hello there little sneaker! How is your day going? And your week? I hope is going very well, I must admit mine is a little bit messy right now, but, hopefully; it will turn on very good…

My name is Jazmín, my closest friends call me Jaz; but you can call me what you prefer, its up to you. I always had the dream of making a blog, somewhere I could write my thoughts, my feelings about ordinary things or maybe some deep stuff; and, of course I know I have a lot of different places to put my life on, or write about it, but this looked awesome. My mind is full of creativity and I want to explore it, put it to my limit, see how much I can do with it… Hopefully inspire, or maybe just make another person do what they want to do; overcome fear, and look up to success.

A lot of times I take myself out of situations I wish I could be; I do not step of my comfort zone very often; almost never. This is one of my very first times, and its exciting, very scary too, Im not going to lie about it. It is like a different world, but really it is just one part of my own world, one part I did not know untill today; and that also is very exciting…

I do not have one lonely topic I will talk about, I am going to talk about what i want, and maybe you will like it; but the approbation of people is not what Im looking for, at least now; I make this for myself, for people who think that the stuff that I write is cool; and for those who want to read something different, new to their eyes, new to their ordinary life. I may be your escape, I like to think myself as an escape for my own thoughts, is easy to get lost; but I personally like to get found by myself.

You can do what you want, what you like, what inspires you. You can be who you want, represent yourself with things that you like, and inspire. Never forget you are always the inspiration of somebody, and, if not, you can be your own inspiration.

I am who I want to be, I am proud of myself and I would love and appreciate so hard if you are yourself, and if you feel you are not doing what makes you happy, then do it. What makes you happy is what is right for you. If you do not feel content with who you are, you would maybe change things; actituds, ways of reacts to things; you CAN and you WILL change it, just have faith in yourself.

Have a nice one. XXX from itsxjaz



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