Tips to get a flawless skin!

Hi! I have been reading a lot about skincare products and treatements lately, also, I have figured out there are a lot of different things to use, and sometimes, we do not really know how to use it properly for our type of skin, so, I decided I wanted to do a little entry for you to read and discover new tips and tricks…

So, first, you do not need a ton of money to have a fabulous skin! Keep that in mind! Sometimes, to have a clear skin you just need a exfoliant and moisturizing routine to keep it fab!

Tips to have a perfect skin:

  1. Eat a lot of veggies and fruits because they are full of vitamins!
  2. Drink ((seriously)) a ton of water, your eyes will be more bright and your skin will look more healthy!
  3. Drink natural juice, it is a win-win!


  1. Exercise in a daily bases.
  2. Sleep at least seven hours a day, I know it can get pretty hard to sleep the hours that you need but if you do it, you will see the results in a very short time.
  3. Drink a lot, (and by a lot I mean A LOT) of water and try to avoid drinks that have a lot of calories.
  4. If you use make up, use the ones that do not make your skin break out, look for those who are hipolergenic!

Do not!

  1. Eat a lot of sweets, fast or fried food.
  2. Eat a lot at dinner, because you do not burn the calories you have gained with sleep, so it is preferible for you to eat light and have a more full breakfast.
  3. Eat fast! If you avoid it you will get fuller in less time and you will eat what you need and not what you think you need.
  4. Expose yourself to sun rays without sun protection, (if you want to get a little bit of colour you can use a bronzer with sun protector, it will get you a tan but it will not make your skin unhealthy)


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