How to deal with acne?

We all know acne can get us by a hard moment, especially in high school, but now we actually have a ton of products to get rid of it! Some tips to avoid acne are:

  1. Wash your face twice a day with warm water and an especial soap for acne. Then, dry off with gentle pads.
  2. Don’t touch your pimples never! The skin around them gets irritated and you may make new pimples appear.
  3. Get your hands out of your face! If you touch your face A LOT, you will estimulate the skin and make new pimples appear faster.
  4. Clean your phone screen weekly! Your phone is an area full of bacteria that will make your skin break out!
  5. If you use make up, take it off before you sleep, preferible with hipolergenic products and not only water.
  6. If your problem continues or gets worse, consult a medic or a dermatologist to get some professional help.

By last, if you happen to have only a few pimples, acne, breakouts you HAVE to know it is okay, it’s perfect to have a non-perfect skin. You are worth the same as a person who has a different skin, you are not less beautiful, or less attractive if you have pimples or acne. Keep that in mind always, and please do not take yourself down for having a non-flawless skin.




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