Let’s give our hair some attention!


Hi you reader! We have a lot of things to take care of, our body is in full need of daily attention; it looks like when we have everything on point BUT our hair, it doesn’t feel the same just because it’s an area that people tend to pay attention a lot.

Before starting I want to do a disclaimer, if you are not very focused on your hair or in other people hair characteristics, it’s perfectly fine and you are not weird in any way or form; this entry is for people who are interested about this topic, so please; do not spread hate or judge.

So, now, you may ask how to give our hair a perfect attention when it gets ruined so fast; by the sun rays, by the water and other ambient factors, and sometimes by bleaching it, cheap and not worth-it hair products as well as heat straighteners or curling irons; if we think it well they can mess up our hair pretty badly! How to get rid of a nasty hair and have a flawless one? KEEP ON READING

Simple and easy tips and tricks:

  1. Use hair oils, you can include them in your favorite shampoo or any hair product you like.
  2. Do not brush it instantly when you get out of the shower (shout out to Becky G), put a towel around it and let it absorve the water excess and THEN brush it.
  3. Use shampoos and conditioners that are appropiated for your type of hair or for how you like your hair.
  4. Cut your ends every month or at least every six weeks or so; this way you can have a beautiful hair and not worry about you don’t letting it grow!
  5. If you have dandruff you can use a special shampoo and some esential oils.
  6. This one is very weird but it can really work, sometimes you just have to reduce the lactose you are consuming.

Hope these ones help you! Have a nice day!




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