My Fashion Experience!+how I figured out my style

Hey! I must say I’ve enjoyed playing with clothes and styles since I was a little girl. Clearlly I didn’t have the best style choices when I was a three year old, and my mom always dressed me up. Now that I look onto those pictures and I should say my mom accepted-maybe too much-the thought that I loooooved colourful and bright clothes… I remember my mom buying me a pair of yellow (yes, you’ve heard right: YELLOW) jeans and a pink shirt-remember this is a very, very, bright pink tone-. My defense is that at that time that was SOOOO fashionable, and SOOOO freaking cool; and I am extremely sure that at that time I wanted more colourful clothes and surely more trainers with lights on them! OMG! Such a fashion icon at three years old! ((jk, I was, literally, a colourful mess)).

Then, I fell under the awkward stage where I was surely not liking the bright colours but I didn’t feel ready to rock the “teen section” at my fav store; that was a really big mess, less colourful, but still a mess. I looked like like a confused little girl, kind of really, really lost but kind of putting my life together ((I didn’t had a lot of things to put together tho, I only worried about dolls and fake and not really pigmented make-up)). That stage was followed by me searching everywhere for fashion inspiration, photos of high-fashion clothing and styles I saw in teens at the time. I figured out that the colourful thing was not my style anymore so I changed my style to one a less bright and kids-related to one mostly made of leggins and sweaters.

As I grew older, my fashion taste changed, a LOT; and I liked more simple styles, inspired in the “tumblr grunge style” and the latest trends and obviously very influenced by social media and HF models; I used to love that casual style they had, plain shirts and very ripped and baggy jeans. But, the only problem was it was very hard for me to find the right colours of clothing and the exact style I was looking for. It became a little stressfull to always have to stick to the tumblr inspired thing and not play with the styles as I did before. Also, one of the struggles I found more hard to deal with was the tumblr attitude and general look, like, I could easily rock a pair of jeans and a short top with some space-like draws and sketches; but, I didn’t feel comfortable using only black, white or grey clothing just because it didn’t went with myself and my acttitud at the time.

As the time flew by I started being interested in more HF trends, looks and I was fascinated with the lovely casual but so expensive kind of look. I also started watching runway shows and getting more in touch with the community that surrounded it, my attention went especially into the designers and how they worked in the industry, if they did only bags, or only clothes or maybe just shoes, it was like a new world for me! I got more involved in it, I started paying attention to details in clothing and every time I got a little bit more attached to fancy and expensive looking looks. I found them so interesting and so good made, I was, literally, in love! I also found youtubers that made reviews or lookbooks inspired in the style that I was so obssessed over; I looked into that kind of style and clothe as it was more likely to be art that to be for wearing. But, then again, I didn’t liked so much how it felt on me.

Understand me, I live in a very little city and the style I liked was clearly not made for my situation, so I figured out I would make the experience of me utilizing those clothes in the future and when I would be more prepared for the critiques. So, (again) I looked for a mixture of these two styles, the trendy one, with the tumblr inspired clothes and I thought I would use the HG kind of style in more fancy occasions so I could make, finally, my perfect style. My style is, at least for now, a mixture of trendy casual clothes, fancy stuff and normal clothing ((When I say normal clothing I refer to basic everyday items and not really inspired in trends)). I believe that as I grow older, I am definetly going to change my style a lot; maybe not completely, but I will follow the trends as they come and I surely will mix all of the things I love to use.

One of the things that really stopped me while I was making the idea of a style for myself was the critiques, the things the people could say about me or my style. And it still does, I am not going to lie about it. I would absolutely love to go out with the clothes that I adore and not worry about the people and the things they would say, as I would love to go and buy what I like and not being criticized about it as well as the accesories I want to choose. May I say it is pretty hard to be yourself and strictly do and buy the things that make yourself happy and confident in yourself. But, it’s definetly worth it when you end slaying the look you love and being happy with who you are in it.

Also, do not feel bad about your inspirations in the past or the “mistakes” that you made in your early years in fashion, it’s all about learning and finding the style that works the best for you. Do not consider everything you now hate or dislike to be a mistake, you loved those short and tiny heels in the past and they made you feel awesome, have confidence in yourself and believe you could stop the world using them, so, why hate them now if they made you happy a while ago?

Everyone learns of their mistakes and even the best fashion icons did have terrible fashion looks they now hate! But it is okay, you do not have to keep the first style you liked or stick to one lonely style as I thought I had to do before.

LOVE YOU, and thank you lots for reading!




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