January Favourites! Beauty, skincare, books and more!

Welcome again to my internet corner! I know January isn’t over yet but I didn’t know if I would have time or opportunity to post it later so I will do it now; anyways I do not think my thoughts on this products or my routine would change drastically so we can get started without problems!

Starting with beauty, make-up to be exact, my favourite products have been:

  • LA PALETTE NUDE INTENSE L’oréal Paris: It comes with ten shades; six shades are matte and the other four have a very sutil and elegant shine. The colours are variations between rose and brown shades. It also comes with a two-tip brush. I must say that this brush has saved me in occasions where I have forgot my other eyeshadow brushes. This palette is gorgeous for a make-up starter; it’s not very expensive as other ones and it has a great pigmentation in all the shades. Also, the colours implemented are casual and not extravagant ones, this means that you can use them for day or night and at every occasion. I have mixed the rose shades with some brown at the outer-corners of the lid and it looks awesome. I recommend you to try it!
  • MasterContour By FaceSTUDIO (Maybelline New York): Okay, so, I’ve used this palette for maybe three months now; and I  have been noticing that the pigment in the countour shade isn’t as good lasting as the blush shade; but it really works -this is going to be weird but I swear it lasts more- as an eyeshadow transition shade. I mix it with some other eyeshadow palettes and it creates an awesome effect. The blush is lovely; it has a sutil shine and it lasts all day long. I combine it with the highlighter so it gets a more natural touch but it’s good by itslef; also, the highlighter is a good quality one and in general, it’s a good pallette to carry on trips because it has all that you need to be fab! It comes with a brush but I must say I do not like it for blush but is very good for contouring.

Well, that is all about beauty related favourites. Now, let’s go to skincare! Recently, I have been trying new brands and some of them are really fascinating so I thought I would share my favourites with you:

  • Clean&Clear Cleanser: The first product I tried this month was this cleanser. I have seen results very quickly; it doesn’t leave the skin looking oily or-at least for my type of skin-it doesn’t make my face breakout, wich is kind of lovely to say the truth; also, it prevents pimples and I have had less since I started using this cleanser.
  • Tortulan Refreshing Tonic: Okay, I have used this product after using the cleanser; I figured out that if I put a lot of it in my face, it will start burning a little bit but if I put only the necessary the effects will be very good-. After using the tonic I can see that my skin is very clean and not oily or dirty at all.
  • Tortulan Exfoliant: I choose the soft one because my skin is very sensitive and it can be ruined easily; but the experience I had with it was nice, my skin turned out soft, without redness and ready to go! I recommend it a lot for starters in skincare that want to know what to use first knowing it would not change drastically their skin.
  • Tortulan Bifasic Eye Make-Up remover: OMG! This works fantastically, it works for sensitive eyes and skin and it takes everything off! It’s amazing for those times when you have a lot of eyeliner or tons of mascara and it doesn’t come off without making your face totally black; I found out that this make up remover works lovely. I really think it’s awesome to try out and see if it works for you same as well as it did for me.
  • Tortulan Make-Up remover milk: I must say the results are pretty good, it works, I mean, I takes off the make-up of your eyes and face and it leaves it clean. I prefer to take my eye-make up with the make up remover mentioned before and finish by taking everything off with this one so I make sure my face is entirely clean and there is no make up left.

That’s a wrap for the skincare related. Now, I’d like to mention my random favourites… Starting with a book I found, it’s called Landline, (second chances) by Rainbow Rowell. I have read works by this writer and they are very pleasent for me, this-anyways-it is not the type of book I am used to read because of the way the things develop and the characteristics the main character has but I have been liking it. A lot. Other of my random favourites has been the Givenchy ange ou dèmon (le secret), the scent of this fragance is beautiful! It lasts more than you expect and it stays strong like the first time you put it on. Also, one of my fav series this month is the new Netflix show:  “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and I have enjoying it very much!!

What are your january favourites? Tell me below and share this if you liked it! Love you!




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