My thoughts on “body shaming” + who has to make the difference?

So, we all have been body shamed or involucrated in a situation that included judging another person’s body; the truth is that most people have done body shaming, with or without the voluntary consent of hurting the other person. That is the main reason that made me do this entrance…

If you are not acquainted with the term “BODY SHAMING” (google it-joking joking joking) let me tell you all about it; body shaming is the term used by the action of discrminating or talking sh*t about other person’s shape of body, leading the “victim” to have negative thoughts, even depression or another form of devalue themselfs ONLY for their type of body.

Body shaming-as well as any type of discrimination-is a struggle, is an issue that should not be ignored in any way, shape or form. No one should feel bad about their body, no one should go to sleep thinking how much they hope to weight less so they can fit in the beauty canon. No one should be body shamed. It’s not right, and it does not matter if it’s your mom, your boyfriend, your best friend or your teacher who does it to you. It’s not right and it will never be. If you see a person being discriminated for anything, please talk to them, be the help they need. Be the person that they need, help them, talk to them, let them know they have a person to talk to and not get scared…

Magazines, TV shows, everyday conversations and canons feature body shaming. When we open a magazine and see some precious girls posing in bras, panties, or bikinis that make their body flawless and fab; it looks like they have the perfect characteristics all over their body. We-wanted or unwanted-talk about perfection only in a way. For example “If you do not have freckles you are not cute”, “If you have stretch marks your skin is less flawless and you are less likely to be attractive”. We talk about the beauty goal, which is being super skinny and really alike the models we see in runways, magazines and shows. Does the beauty canon used-for example-in VS shows makes people badly self conscious or it makes them want to get fit and be a lot more healthier? There are types and types of people, but I feel like we-or at least I- can’t feel better or with inspo to get fit when we compare ourselves to models who are fit and “perfect” all time.

Body inclusive brands and clothes sometimes are not really accurate, a big size does not fit a big size women or men; how does it feel if you were (or are) a person who wears big sizes to not fit in the biggest in the store? And the truth is that this happens because the inclusive clothes are not really inclusive.

Media has been determinating a lot of features that we must or not have in our body/diet/routine/everyday life. What if we are not size two? What if we are DIFFERENT? What if we are UNIQUE? What if we are PRECIOUS JUST THE WAY WE ARE? What if we DO NOT change for somebody so they can love us? What if we are like we are? What if we do our thing and don’t mess up everyone’s things? We have body goals content, followed by a photo of a very fit six pack and a very big but, making US feel uncomfortable in our skin. Do you think feeling less as a person just for having a tummy it’s correct? Feeling depressed by media, letting it take us down. Letting it make us cry and bring our worst thoughts at our minds is right? No, it isn’t. So, why the hell it keeps happening?

Is the people with lower selfesteem the problem, or the problem are the brands and people who determinate that the feeling of happiness and well-being is directly related to our weight? Or is it the education sistem that does not perform enough self-love topics? Does the problem has to do with communication? Does everything heals if a HF model talks about “love and stoping body shaming”? Or it will never heal until a big difference is made? A difference of who? The answer is us.

Do not promote body shaming, do not feel capable of telling if a person’s body is beautiful or not. You and I have no right to tell bad things such as “you should not wear a crop top if you are not under X weight”; we have no right to banish people’s self esteem. We have to be how we want to. If you want to be extremely fit and have a very strict diet GO AHEAD. If you prefer to sit at home and have a balanced diet and enjoy ice cream once in a while, DO YOU!!

We should promote healthy bodies, not “perfect” ones. We should perform body caring in other persons as something good, we should be prepared to know everything about our body and choose what we want to do with it. Anyone has to be between it, not media, not celebrities, not parents, not school sistems, not bullies; ANYONE. We are the ones to decide and take care. And we can do it by ourselves; we are in no need of someone pressuring us to be perfect. We are our only judges and the ones who can change or let it go.

I think any type of body is beautiful as long as it’s healthy and does not harm the person. Please, think about it, think how would you feel, think how you felt about people discriminating yourself for your physical appearence… The right answer should be you trying to eradicate body shaming, if not, think again.

And last, keep this in mind “PROMOTE HEALTHY LIFES, NOT STEREOTYPES” PROMOTE LOVE, NOT HATE. Promote self weel-being. Tell nice things. If you do not like something about other person, shut the f*ck up and continue as if nothing and tell the nicest things. Be positve, be inspirational, and remember, it costs 0.00 to be a nice person.





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