END OF SUMMER! + Friends and go-outs!

Hello! I’m from Argentina (If you didn’t know NOW YOU DO, he) so summer has been around for quite a while now; I have experienced so many new things this past season, some things I didn’t even do before this! So, I figured out I would tell you how does it feel to try something new.

I ALWAYS have been the girl that has a lot of fear of trying new things, I’m not socially awkward or anything like that but sometimes I am shy or timid about new things; so, this summer I had the opportunity to have new fun experiences with my friends and alone. I am so grateful for my friends who made me feel awesome and excited about the things I’ve done; also, I really appreciate them, without these girls I wouldn’t had the opportunity to feel amazing and have so much fun.

One of the things we did was take a little trip to a near-by city and have tea at a really cute coffee, then we went to a park and took some amazing photos (which by the way are in my instagram so you can check them out easily). We went there by bus so we spend a lot of time having absolute no worries and laughing out loud-and possibly making mad a lot of people but meh, we had a great time-.

I must admit my town does not have a lot of creative things to do so finding places near you that do not cost a lot of money is a very cool alternative; we had the luck that one of our friends lived in the town that we visited so we’re all already familiarized with the things to do, and the areas we were visiting. But, if you don’t have the luck that I have or you live in a place where there’s no much to do and not where to go to try new things, remember that your friends or closest ones will make the time spended a wonderful adventure, it’s not really up to the place you are going to.

I’m going to continue by presenting the following photo that was taken at the time of tea! (I had to make them wait for me so I could photograph some things. Girls, if you are reading this, thank you for that again. ILY. I know how of a joker and time spender I am. Thx hehe)


(I think we had frappes, chocolate cake, oreo cheescake and something with nuts that I don’t remember but what I do remember is that I came of the shop weighing a lot more, my excuse is that calorie control is not my favourite thing to do, soooo, excuse my foodie soul talking here. I got to go, K bye).

I really recommend having friends with you when trying to have new experiences, they make everything so much easier and if you have a shy personality you will be more open about the things you are going to do! Also, the quality time that you spend with your friends is incredible and you will get to know them a lot better, including incredible conversations and new points of view.

This photo was taken by one of my friends who -btw- made an absolutely good use of my camera! (Thx for the little photoshoot, Camila) dsc_0031

It was a hot af day so having my hair down and my make up in place was an issue but it did pay off very nicely (The truth is that I’ve got so many cool pictures to post that I’m more excited for this that I am for any other thing).

The next photo has a place in my heart, it does not include all my group of closest friends because some of them weren’t able to come but the majority of these queens are here. You do not need to tell me, I already know they are beautiful af. DSC_0159.JPG

By the way, there are more of this photoshoot pictures in my Instagram so you can check them out if you’d like or to have a more exact idea of what we look like.

As I said before, friends will bring more adventures to you; you will enjoy them more and the possibility of making memorable moments is a lot more close if you share good time with the people you more care about. Keep your friends in your circle always. They guarantee love, support and memories you will never have the opportunity to make by yourself! Goofy moments, serious conversations, exchange of opinions and wonderful times to come!

Taking a trip out of the internet now, have an incredible day…





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