February Favourites!


Hello guys!! February has finally ended, so, I decided I would post an entry about my latest favourites, including books, make-up and adding songs that were my favs the last month; I’m so excited to show you everything so let’s get started!

Make up first!


  • Revlon Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in the color 110 (Starry Pink): I have owned this eye shadow probably since september but I never really used it before, untill now when I saw it in my make-up bag and decided to experience with it. I must say the color is one of the prettiest I ever saw and you should apply it with a creme eye shadow first so the glitter can stick to it more properly but when it’s done it’s beautiful!
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation: (I’m in the color sand beige)I recently bought this foundation while looking for a high coverage one and I am really satisfied with it! It does not feel heavy in the skin and I love that this foundation is made for mixt and oily skin and actually works!!
  • Maybelline Fit Me concealer: I’m so incredibly happy with this concealer, I’ve looking for one concealer that lasts all day long and does not requiere a lot of touch ups and I found all of that in this product! SO GOOD, and it’s drugstore (that also makes it better he)
  • Revlon Grow Luscious mascara: This mascara makes my eyelashes pop in amazingly!! I do use it only for the upper lashes because my bottom ones are very long so if I use this mascara it will be a mess and nobody wants my full face to turn in a mascara massacre. It lasts all day long! Super recommended!!
  • Artez Westerley highlighter: This works amazing and stays from the moment you apply it! It gives you that sunshine natural glow that can be used for day or night and it always looks beautiful!! It’s not very very pigmented but I really recommend it to new highlighters users!

Alsoooo, what follows the make-up category is songs!! I must do a disclaimer and tell you guys that this songs did not came in February but were my favourites and most listened ones!

  • Sit still look pretty-Daya
  • Pretty Girl-Maggie Lindemann
  • I’m yours-Alessia Cara
  • Shape Of You-Ed Sheeran
  • Heaven-Troye Sivan
  • I Got You-Bebe Rexha
  • Gangsta-Kehlani
  • Mrs. Potato Head-Melanie Martinez

I’ve been reading some books lately and I have liked most of them, some were either bought by myself or taken from the library but they all are very different. One of these books had a very unique topic and one that I do not read too much but it was totally worth the read; it behave towards ways to be creative and the different levels and types of creativity, it was so good! It opened my mind and made me realize a lot of things I didn’t had the chance to think about before; it gave a lot of really good and easy-to-comprehend examples about creativtity and things that make creativity pop out in exclusive ways!! You can really implement new ways to see everything and improve your way to your goals by reading books that can open your mind and make you change your points of views. I really recommend reading/watching inspiring stuff that can possibly make everything different.

That is all for this months favourites blog post! I hope you enjoyed it! Have an incredible week and a nice and productive rest of the day!

Love you!




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