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Hello guys! Today I wanted to talk about some things that maybe will help to get more real with you as you can actually see my perspective on some things. First, I wanted to talk about things that are so important and nobody seems to realice them or give them the propper value they need. As you may tell, we are going to talk about our perspective of ourselves, in a more mental or personality related. The other day, I was watching a couple of YouTube videos that made me realize how important it is to take care of yourself, in the way you want, need or prefer.

Some people are so sensitive when talking about themselves, they can’t think anything but sad things, characteristics they may not like about themselves or stuff that is changing their perspective about how they are. For me, the priority in everyone’s life should be themselves, and no, it’s not selfish at all, taking care of yourself, valuing your personality, respecting your own times and ways to do things is not something selfish! It’s actually the best you can do for yourself.

I say that you must be your priority since, if you can’t love you (not even a little), the truth is you CAN NOT love another human being; if  you do not value your personality details you CAN NOT search for good details in another person since you don’t see them… Do you realize what I’m saying?

It’s so important to make some free time for things you need, maybe read a book, catch up with some friends, watch the movie you wanted to watch a long time ago, do your make-up, do a face-mask, play videogames, shop for things you want, write what you feel, cry a little, take photographs. It is really up to you and what you know you need. Maybe you can not designate a day of the week to take care of yourself because you’re very busy, and it’s totally understandable but, try at least to designate some hours of one day, or two hours everyday. Maybe, after you do it, you will realize how everything changes and gets better and better.

Self-esteem is nearly one of the most important things in your life. But, it’s true it can be brought down so easily and the reality is that it is so hard to make it up to where it was later. Any comment anyone does, maybe not with mean meaning but it hurts and it can affect yourself in the course of a certain time and that’s not a good thing. Try to get in a mood where you believe in who you are and what makes you incredible at all times. Go places with your head in a good place, relaxed, try to always be in a good-vibe type of humor. Mentalize yourself, maybe it can take a lot of time or it can be a short lapse of time, but try to get positive things in your mind. Try to see the uniquenes of yourself and your personality as well as the uniquenes and mistakes the other person also can make. See the good things, what you like about yourself, and if a comment comes to you and it’s not in the nicest way, do not atacck back. Think to yourself three things you love about you. Do this untill you do not need to do this anymore. Also, think deeply about the comment and ask yourself: will this matter 20 years from now? The answer is: No, it won’t. So, why would it matter now? Because you give it a chance to make a difference in you. Do you know what I mean?

Also, a thing I have figured out that seeking for happiness in everyday things has lots of benefits, for example, you accomplish the healthy and motivator feeling of happiness without having to look for bigger, and maybe more difficult to have, things. As well, you may feel more positive since you are having a blast everyday and you are following-in little and everyday-life details-what makes you happy and more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

SAY YES! Try to accept more friendly requests, try to hang-out more with people you know are fantastic but you don’t usually go out with. Say yes to trying new foods, watching new films, reading more books, being in a more healthy mood, accepting and giving gifts, consider the advices that people give to you, try to educate yourself, say yes!

And, last but not least on this talkative blog, appreciate yourself, value your mistakes and you accomplishments; see the positive things you do (not focusing on how they turned out, but valuing the chance you gave them to be fantastic); tell yourself everyday how powerful and ambitious you are, be humble, help yourself and others, spread the things you see that are not around, oblígate yourself to be kind even if you are in the worst mood ever, you will change other ones perspective of life, you can brighten their day.

And, mostly, BE YOURSELF. Take the power of the uniquenes you have and make it stronger and stronger. You are already beautiful that way. Be the star you want to be, I can already see you shining, you are the best one up there. Don’t give up, my love. You are not alone.





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