A love letter.

Five months ago, a 15th of December, I had one of the most amazing moments of my life, one I will surely remember forever. Five months ago I became the girlfriend of the best boy I have ever met. The sweetest and kindest guy I could ever find. My dream come true. The one that brings me support even in the darkest times and makes my bad days become happy ones with only words and reminders of how much he loves me.


I wanted to dedicate a short -and public- love letter (since I know he loves how I write) to one of the most wonderful persons I have in my life. So…


Dear Joaquín:

First of all, I wanted to thank you, my love; for everything. For the support you give me everyday with the little things, because without it I could never accomplish the things I now can. For the love you give me and how loved you make me feel, for the feeling you taught me to feel, love. For teaching me how to appreciate myself more. For letting me tell you everything that crosses my mind; and thank you for listening me at every moment. Even if a had a bad day or if I had a nightmare.Thank you for the late night calls, thank you for the unexpected gifts, thank you for making me feel amazing each and every day. Thank you for the relationship we have created. Thank you, for caring so much for me and never giving up.

I admire you so much, I admire the things you do everyday and how you do them. I admire the effort you put in details, and how you make people feel better, it’s like you always have the right words for everyone. I feel so grateful for you, for your presence in my life. For knowing you so well as I do, and, precisely that, knowing you so much has made me fall in love more quickly tan I could expect. You are truly one of the most inspiring persons I know, and I hope you will never let me go.

I never thought I would experience how true love is, how magical it actually is if you have the luck to know it personally. And, when I met you, eventually I realized I was having one of the best times of my life, and, to this day, I’m having a blast spending time with you. I literally love every second I am with you, even if it’s me cooking and you playing video games or it’s just a late night call talking about how our days went.

I love you, so much, I can’t even explain in words, love songs or kisses how much I like and value you. You are one of the best persons in my life and I hope you’ll stay around forever. It’s incredible how much you thaught me and the amount of pretty emotions you made me experience. It’s incredible that I could find all I ever wanted in a person, and that’s you. The unbelievable amazing and beautiful boy you are, it’s all I need.

Love you, babe.




15th of May, 2017





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